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For parents and carers

Positive attention and praise are the most effective rewards for good behaviour, doing chores and homework etc because they reinforce on the spot and help a child make the connection between what you are saying and what they need to do. Using a reward chart to help with behaviour, doing homework etc is a positive step towards attaining a particular goal. Children like to see progress and be involved with the recording of that progress i.e. stickers on a chart or colouring squares towards a target. When the goal has been reached you can reward the child with something that the 2 of you agreed to when the chart was started. Not filling in the chart or removing stickers if tasks are not done will make your child aware that there are consequences for actions or inactions. That said, hopefully there will be no need to carry this out!


For the children

If you would like, when you have completed your chart you can ask your parent(s) or carer to e mail me (link on the main page under “contact us”)  giving me just your first name, which chart you used and what the chart was for (homework, doing chores etc) and I will email back a special certificate for you (free of charge for the time being).

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the charts. Click the icon to download it if you don't have it already. link to adobe download


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