link to donation  As with all aspects of life everyone learns at a different rate and whilst some may be confident readers by the time they are 7 some will not. The important thing is to encourage children to read. However many fluent readers are extremely capable of coping with difficult texts but don't actually understand the words that they are reading. It is important to ensure that children understand what they are reading. Children should be encouraged to read non-fiction as well as fiction.  

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Useful tips when sharing a book with a child or group of children.
  • Make sure you set aside time and a quiet place to read. Ten minutes reading in a quiet place is better than trying to do it whilst cooking dinner for example.
  • When starting a book look at the front cover and talk about it. Ask questions such as "What can you see?" "What do you think the book might be about?"
  • After starting ask what they think might happen in the book and stress that it doesn't matter if their prediction is not accurate.
  • When carrying on with a book that may have been started the previous day ask if the child remembers what has happened so far and revisit these pages briefly to reinforce this.
  • Ask if the child can tell you which part of a sentence is the verb (doing word), noun (object or person - proper nouns such as names, places, days of the week etc will always have a capital letter), adjective (describing word) and adverbs (adjectives that describe a verb e.g. She laughed loudly. Loudly is the adverb telling us how she laughed.)
  • Ask about the pictures as you get to them, often a child will get clues to the text from the pictures.
  • If they get stuck on a word ask them to use their phonics and sound out the word, but don't let them struggle for too long, help them with the word and revisit it later and see if they can read it.
  • When the book is finished, talk about it, ask what happened, did they enjoy it (it is ok not to enjoy a book) if yes then why? and if not then why? no answer for this is wrong.  

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