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I am often asked how I make money from my site. The answer is I donít. I run this site because I enjoy doing it. The next question I am usually asked is why I would spend so much of my time and money to make it, and the things offered here, available to strangers. Once again the answer is I have enjoyed making the site, watching it grow and hearing from visitors all over the world who have used the site.  It is a great comfort knowing that I may have helped a childís education or assisted  a parent or carer to understand modern day teaching concepts.

This site will remain a free resource as long as I can maintain it. I will not charge for any printing of materials etc from the site. However if you want to (and are in a position to do so) I am making a pay pal donation facility available if you feel you would like to help out with the web costs. This is NOT and NEVER will be compulsory. It is purely a matter of personal choice. Everyone is welcome on my site whether they donate or not. If you feel you can donate a little something no matter how small I will be most grateful and to you I say a huge THANK YOU.

Either way, whether you do, or do not, support this site with a donation, you are always welcome and thank you for visiting.

Please stop by often.



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