Animal crossword


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1       2    3    4      5        
    6          7         
8             9          
         10          11    
  12             13        
 14          15            


2. I have a very long neck.
7. King of the jungle.
8. Dumbo was one of these.
10. I was used for transport before cars were invented.
13. I love to eat carrots.
14. I am a bit like a horse.
15. I am a pet that loves to go for walks.


1. If it wasn't for me there wouldn't be any wool.
3. I am one of the animals the Pied Piper got rid of.
4. Nemo was one of these.
5. I have stripes and am a type of cat.
6. I lay the eggs you might eat for breakfast.
9. My babies are called tadpoles.
11. I like mud and have a curly tail.
12. I love cheese.
15. I have webbed feet and live on ponds, rivers and lakes.